I V A N T I   W E B I N A R   S E R I E S

Getting back to basics in 2020 and beyond

If you could start fresh with cyber security, what would you do?

Join us as Abdul Azize, Technical Relationship Manager for Ivanti, and Edward Zarzour our GM have an open discussion about how organisations are revisiting the fundamentals of protecting employees as they work from home.

Employees and devices are no longer only accessible through fortified work networks, they are required to remain productive and connected over pure internet, especially as edge computing continues to grow exponentially. We will talk through and demonstrate a simple but effective strategy with you to immediately strengthen your security posture and eliminate unnecessary risk.

DATE:  14 October
TIME:  11:00am AEDT | 1:00pm NZDT

Edward Zarzour - General Manager, Unified IT

Abdul Azize - Technical Relationship Manager
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